01/10 2022 彭桓武前沿科学论坛
  • Title题目 Symmetry reasoning in soft matter physics
  • Speaker报告人 Masao Doi (理论交叉科学中心)
  • Date日期 2022年1月10日 10:00
  • Venue地点 Conference Room 322, North Building, ITP
  • Abstract摘要

      Many invariant (or symmetrical) properties are known in physics law, such as the Galilean invariance, time reversal symmetry, and CPT invariance.  Soft matter physicists are living in a world quite remote from these basic things, but they are also benefitted from such basic things.  Here, I explain my own experiences when I found the reasoning based on symmetry is useful.  In my talk, I will discuss the following two questions.

      (A) Can the phenomena you see in the mirror happen in real life?

      (B) Can the phenomena you see in the reverse play mode of video happen in real life?