05/11 2022 Seminar
  • Title题目 Higher form symmetries from geometric engineering
  • Speaker报告人 王一男 (Peking University)
  • Date日期 2022年5月11日 14:00
  • Venue地点 ITP South Building 6620 (线下报告) Zoom ID: 814 7399 9269 Passcode: 220511
  • Abstract摘要

    Higher form symmetry is a generalized notion of global symmetry, which acts on non-local operators of the physical theory. In the context of quantum field theories, higher form symmetry is an essential piece of data that is not manifest in the Lagrangian. An important question is how to systematically compute the higher form symmetry of a given QFT. In this talk, I will present a brilliant approach using geometric engineering techniques under the string theory framework. Large classes of 4d/5d/6d supersymmetric QFTs (including non-Lagrangian ones) are constructed by putting superstring/M/F-theory on different geometric spaces, whose topological data determines the higher form symmetry of the QFT.